The Necessary Nine - DVD Curriculum

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The Necessary Nine - How to Stay Happily Married for Life!, When it comes to marriage, some things are just necessary. So say WAH's own Dan Seaborn and Dr. Peter Newhouse, who have determined that the following nine actions will help couples stay married: (1) Establish Cherishing Attitudes, (2) Pursue Financial Security, (3) Discover Sexual Satisfaction, (4) Spend Time Together, (5) Develop Genuine Friendship, (6) Value Physical Attraction, (7) Cultivate Emotional Oneness, (8) Guard Home Harmony, and (9) Build Spiritual Fusion. Indeed, these are the "must-do's" for anyone who has said "I do." And although the list may look simple enough, Seaborn and Newhouse make sure readers understand the "how to" part every step of the way. Based on their popular marriage seminar of the same name, The Necessary Nine is written for men and women and is appropriate for couples in any season of marriage.

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